Bronx Science Quidditch!

Aug 30

Anonymous said: what happened to this lol

Well we have to get the club up and running, just give us a bit!

Mar 01

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Feb 08

copdoccubus said: What happened to the quidditch shirts?

They have been postponed for a little bit.  We’ve been dealing with the League of Presidents and received a temporary charter.  Now we’re working on having a stable meeting schedule and a scrimmage sometime in March.  We’re hoping to have permission to print shirts near the end of March or something, but I’m not sure.

- Thomas

Jan 16

Come to Midterm Quidditch this Friday! -

We’ll be there from 11 to 3 at Harris Field.

Dec 31

Have a great new year everyone!

This year, we’re going to try to have as much Quidditch as possible!

Don’t forget to be awesome.

Dec 25

Merry Snitchmas, everyone!

Dec 04

Order the Bronx Science Quidditch shirt! -

You can also RSVP at the event and post general questions if you have any.  

Dec 02

Bronx Science Quidditch Update 12/2:

Hoops are being built this weekend.  Hopefully, we’ll have everything we need so we an have a scrimmage before the break.  We will be playing in January for sure.  

If you would like to play competitively, email us at!  

Upcoming things:

12/4 (Sunday): The NY Badassilisks’ Secret Snitch Scrimmage.  We will not be playing, but you should go watch.  You can never have too much Quidditch.

12/17: The Annual Yule Ball!  You should come!  You can get tickets here and RSVP at my event.  

January: The World Cup HS Champions at Trinity are thinking about having a high school scrimmage.  More on that when it actually gets planned.  

At this point, we will probably be official at Bronx Science and we’ll have shirts and everything.  

March: Briarcliff High School might have a tournament at some point in the month.

Also, there is the big SBU tournament that we’re all training for at the end of March.  Woooo!

Nov 25

SBU set to host a northeast tournament -

Bronx Science is signed up to attend!  Let’s hope more HS teams sign up so we can have our own division.  The tournament is March 31st!

If you’re interested in playing for our team, email us at  Tell us what positions you can play, how much experience you have, when you’re free, questions, comments, etc.  

Email about it.